Apri Medi Nurali

Digital Strategist & Web Developer



PT. Nusantara Card Semesta

Create, Develope and Manage some Corporate websites, such as : www.corporate.ptncs.co.id, www.mitrausahancs.co.id, www.modulpengiriman.com, www.ncsloyaltyprogram.com, www.member.mitrausahancs.co.id, etc
Create & Analyze for Digital Strategy, Digital Branding,
Researching & Developing Partnership (Agent, Affiliate)
Content Supervision for website, social media and blog, Support offline Event,
Maintenance Newsletter, Manage Paid Campaign

PT. Mitra Rencana Edukasi

Create and Manage Corporate websites, Portal & Blog : www.mre.co.id, www.kemandirianfinansial.com, www.kemandirianfinansial.blogspot.com
Create & Analyze for Digital Strategy, Digital Branding,
SEO Optimization for Corporate Keyword, such as : konsultan keuangan karyawan, konsultasi keuangan karyawan, workshop keuangan karyawan,
Social Media Optimization
Content Supervision for website, social media and blog
Maintenance Newsletter, Manage Paid Campaign

Yayasan Aksi Cepat Tanggap

Create, Develope and Manage websites : www.act.id, www.globalqurban.com, www.globalqurban.com
Create & Analyze for Digital Strategy, Digital Branding,
SEO Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Create and Manage paid Campaign for Humanity, Donation, Qurban, Wakaf, etc


Project SEO : www.softscheck.sg
Project SEO : www.cqit.sg 

Website Maintenance at www.mre.co.id
Create Website at : www.wakafbaniumar.org


Fast Learner, Multi Tasking SkillS, Can Working with team or individual 



  • Mechanical Engineering, Univ. Bung Hatta
    ( 1999 - 2016)
  • SMK Perg. Cikini - Otomotive (1993 - 1999)


  • Mastering Backlink (SEO Advanced), Pusdiklat Bulog, Oktober 2014
  • GATHERING IMERS (SEO VS Facebook ads), Gedung Bulog, Juni 2014
  • SEO Training Nasional Bootcamp #15, Solo 9 - 13 Oktober 2013, nasionalbootcamp.com/
  • SEO Training Nasional Bootcamp #16, Bali 3 - 5 April 2014, nasionalbootcamp.com/
  • Facebook Marketing Bootcamp, SMESCO Exhibition Hall 22, 22 Sept 2015,   fbmarketingbootcampindo.com
  • Indonesia Wow Brand, Brand-X is human? , By Markplus, 3 Maret 2016, indonesiawowbrand.com/



SEO - Search Engine Optimization

www.mre.co.id, keyword : konsultasi keuangan karyawan, perencanaan keuangan karyawan, konsultasi keuangan, konsultan keuangan karyawan

www.cqit.sg, Keyword : Cyber Security Training Singapore, Cyber Security Courses Singapore, Certified Ethical Hacker Singapore, CEH Singapore, ECSA Singapore, Backtrack Training, IT Security Training Singapore, IT Security Courses Singapore, Hacker Course Singapore, Penetration Testing Singapore, Vulnerability Assessment Singapore, EC Council Singapore, Kali Linux Training

www.globalqurban.com, keyword : qurban
www.act.or.id, keyword : lembaga kemanusiaan
www.globalwaqaf.com, keyword : wakaf ternak, wakaf sawah
www.alikhlasaqiqah.com, keyword : kambing matang aqiqah
www.aluminiumfacade.blogspot.com, keyword : alubond Indonesia